Friday, December 21, 2012

Shawn Dropped the Space Needle

I Dropped the (Lego) Space Needle

Around work I'm well known for the Lego bricks in my office (counting in the 10's of thousands of pieces).  Last summer I was tricked into building a Lego Space Needle for a space in our old building. 

As you can see, I dropped the space needle when moving it to the stairwell in our building.  It’s about 4250 pieces (+ 1 minifig if you can find it).  I dropped it around noon, before x-mas, took it home, and it was repaired by that night :)

After repairing it was even better (I didn’t like some of the top, and parts were made a bit stronger).  There’s no glue, except for a dab on the spire.  I started it last summer.

More recently I've built a Lego Disney Wonder.

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