Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Space Needle Was Destroyed? Again?!?!?!

What The Ferret!?!?!?!  Now this just isn't fair.  My Lego Space Needle has been standing for about 4 years, with only one major "accident" as I learned about moving it.  It collapsed almost a month ago as I turned it Green ago due to differences in the brick sizes.

But now it's been destroyed again in less than a month :(  Someone at work accidentally knocked it over, and neatly cleaned up the parts into a recycling basket.  I wonder what her expression was as it came crashing toward her?

Because I never want to have to do this again, I made a time lapse video of rebuilding it this time.  It turned out pretty cool:

In order to take the time lapse pictures I had two options:
  1. I could've bought $100 camera thingy from the store (cheaper ones were out of stock).
  2. Or I could build a Lego Mindstorms robot to trigger my camera using my existing remote trigger.
Guess which I chose? :)

We're getting better at this.  This is probably the most damaged it's been, but it only took 4 hours to get all 4500 pieces back together again.  I feel like I spent longer trying to get the camera trigger to behave!  It took a frame every 13 seconds or so, and was surprisingly reliable.  It was also surprised that neither the camera nor the RCX needed it's batteries changed.

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