Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mini Lego Disney Wonder Instructions

People ask if we have instructions/plans/whatever for the big builds, but we don't :(  Sometimes they even get really mad that I don't have time to spend 3 full-time weeks making plans for them instead of working on fixing my roof or the next project or whatever.

But we do have plans for the Mini Lego Disney Wonder!

Two notes: the second page is an alternate hull in black because black is easier to find than the Dark Earth Blue brick that is a better match to the real ship.  So start on page one or page two, not both :)

And the last page is stickers for the rear details for the blue hull.  Some need printed on clear sticker paper, some can be printed on white sticker paper.

And please support the large Lego Disney Wonder on Lego Ideas!

Here's the link for the plans:!AkcvBm2eyNfPytovCpqr6xK_ow-dqg

And don't forget to support the big Lego Wonder on Lego Ideas!

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